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Providing Turnkey Solutions for Diverse Industries

With years of extensive experience and international partnerships, Fadexim specializes in designing, producing, and integrating assembly lines for cutting, transportation, and storage of sheets and raw materials. We deliver turnkey projects tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

Fadexim possesses the expertise to understand our customers' distinctive needs and transform them into highly personalized solutions. As material flow specialists, we bridge all production sequences with secure, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

Having implemented over 700 projects and installations over the years, Fadexim stands for high quality and reliability within production facilities. Designed to yield rapid returns on investment for our clients, all our facilities leverage significant capacity and efficiency gains achieved through industrial production and maintenance processes.

Our product portfolio at Fadexim encompasses autonomous heavy-load transportation solutions, CNC, laser, and plasma cutting machines, water jets, automatic storage systems, and integrated assembly lines.

Throughout its history, Fadexim has undertaken numerous projects in various industries such as automotive, logistics, railway, energy, steel, shipbuilding, aluminum, and industrial automation, specializing in projects tailored to customer needs.

We offer services in various fields including heavy load transfer within factories, automation systems, and energy efficiency solutions. By optimizing our client's business processes, we provide customized solutions to sustain their growth, aiming to enhance efficiency at every step and support operational excellence.

Our goal at Fadexim is to provide tailored turnkey solutions for different industrial applications, enabling sustainable growth for our customers.


At Fadexim, we blend innovation and excellence by offering tailored solutions for industrial needs. Our customer-centric approach goes beyond project delivery; we set industry standards by analyzing our clients' needs and providing solutions that add value to their production processes.

Innovation forms the cornerstone of our company's ethos. With each project, we amalgamate the latest technology and best practices to craft customized solutions for our client's specific needs. Our specialized team in industrial applications excels in delivering specially designed turnkey solutions for every project, leveraging the latest technology and industry insights.

Excellence is at the heart of every project we undertake. Adhering to international quality standards, we aim to optimize our clients' business processes, enhance efficiency, and foster sustainable growth. Our innovative vision supports our quest for excellence, allowing us to consistently add value to our clients' operations.

Advantages of working with Fadexim

Comprehensive Service Approach

At Fadexim, we not only offer collaboration to our customers but also elevate quality standards by focusing on a comprehensive service approach and complete customer satisfaction at the core of our collaboration.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

We adopt an approach centered around achieving complete customer satisfaction in every project. As a company, our goal is to surpass customer expectations, providing quality solutions with a comprehensive service approach and aiming to be a reliable business partner.

Experienced and Dynamic Team

Our experienced team, coupled with a broad spectrum of expertise, enables us to provide tailored solutions to clients, facilitating alignment with the specific needs of businesses.

Wide Range of Products

With our expert team, we have executed numerous projects in various fields such as automotive, logistics, railway, energy, steel, shipbuilding, aluminum, and industrial automation. Our extensive product range enables us to offer tailored solutions that meet our customers' specific needs.

Customized Solutions

With the support of our expert team, we provide customized solutions tailored to meet our customers' specific needs. These solutions stem from our experiences gained through over 700 projects executed across various industries, reflecting our strong expertise developed over time.

Production in International Quality Standards

Our business processes are designed to ensure compliance with ISO and similar certifications. This means that our production stages are meticulously monitored and continually improved upon.

Sustainable Growth

As a company, we aim to contribute to your business's long-term success by offering pioneering solutions in the industry through continual improvement and a customer-centric approach. We optimize business processes and enhance efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions
By utilizing high-performance, sustainability-focused environmentally friendly solutions, we contribute to the conservation of natural resources, considering not only today but also the well-being of future generations.



Our mission at Fadexim is to contribute to our customers' growth by providing tailored, quality-focused, and sustainable turnkey solutions across various industries. We aim to be industry leaders by prioritizing customer satisfaction, developing innovative and reliable projects compliant with international standards. With an approach grounded in excellence at every step, we focus on understanding customer needs and integrating future technologies into our projects.


Fadexim's vision is to lead in industrial solutions through research, development, and innovation. We shape our future steps by integrating evolving technologies to produce solutions that meet our customers' highest demands. Our goal is to become an exemplary company in the industry by enhancing our employees' skills, developing environmentally friendly products, and pioneering approaches to occupational health and safety.


Excellence-Oriented Perspective

At Fadexim, we continue our dedication to an excellence-oriented approach. With meticulous collaboration between our design and production teams, we aim to enhance the quality of our engineering and workflow solutions in every project. This approach reflects our commitment to maintaining quality standards at the highest level, from design to production, in every turnkey project we offer to our customers.

Embracing customer satisfaction as a fundamental principle, our goal is to provide tailored, reliable, and high-performance solutions that meet the unique needs of customers across different industries. We strive to collaborate to develop customized solutions for each project, constantly working towards optimizing our customers' workflows and achieving the best results.

In addition to quality, reliability, and superior performance, we merge our work with sustainability and environmental consciousness for future generations. By utilizing innovative technologies and processes, we focus on creating solutions that not only meet today's needs but also cater to the demands of tomorrow.

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