Capacity: Up to 10 tons
Speed: Up to 5 rpm
Control: Wired / Remote control
Security: Various sensors
Design: On Request


  • OHS regulations
  • EN standards
  • CE certificated

Enhanced Functionalıty And Precısıon

Comprised of housing, chain drive systems, an electrical panel, and a remote-controlled operator unit, this product prioritizes top-notch structural protection while offering exceptional functionality.
Operators can effortlessly rotate pieces in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions, ensuring precise alignment. Additionally, vertical adjustment facilitates achieving the desired height for welding tasks. The set includes two driven units, expandable based on application needs and weight requirements.

Key Features

  • Remote controller with a 5-meter cable length
  • Automatic closure of chain levers upon loading
  • Robust chain gear structure
  • Reducer mechanisms featuring an auto-blockage system
  • Motors equipped with brakes

Rotation and Positioning Systems, designed smart, flexible, ergonomic, and safe solutions for its customers to rotate heavy and geometrically difficult workpieces. The rotators, chain turning systems, and welding positioners produced in this product group precisely position the workpieces and speed up the workflow. With its ergonomic and reliable structure, it offers system solutions suitable for customers' rotation needs.

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