DRM is a heavy-duty CNC cutting machine designed for a wide range of dome, sheet, and pipe applications. Its robust gantry allows a vibration-free operation of heavy equipment such a automatic oxyfuel triple torches, a 120° rotator with a 1.5 m stroke of Z-axis for cutting of 3D shapes and other custom equipment. Along with the full range of sheet and pipe cutting possibilities, DRM offers special applications on domes like trimming, separation cuts, cutting of diverse openings, weld edge preparation and cutting of domes placed upside down. A 3D scanner in combination with mScan software allows to adjust the cutting plans according to measured true surfaces of domes and thus to achieve excellent spatial precision in 3D cutting.


Working length  3000 - 30000 mm
Working width 1500 - 8000 mm
Max. number of tool stations 4
Max. thickness of material cut by plasma according to a plasma source
Max. thickness of material cut by oxyfuel 200 mm
Bevel cutting yes (see accessories)
Pipe cutting Ø 30 - 1500 mm, max 12 t
Drilling and tapping Ø 4 - 60 mm, M4 - M30, automatic tool exchange
Positioning speed  max 62 m/min (linear guides), max 56 m/min (rails)
Bidirectional repeatability 0.05 mm/m

Versatile Processing Capabilities:

  • Cutting of Plates, Pipes, Profiles, Beams, and Domes
  • Fully Automatic Drilling, Tapping, and Milling
  • Dome Processing up to 1,500 mm in Height
  • 3D Pipe & Profile Processing up to 1,500 mm
Robust Construction and Reliability:
  • Extremely Robust Gantry for Tough Requirements
  • Long-term Reliability in Single- and Multi-shift Operations
  • Fast and Precise Bevel Cutting with Plasma and Oxyfuel
  • Advanced Dome Scanning Process for Precise Cutting
Advanced Beveling and Weld Edge Preparation:
  • Automatic and Precise Weld Edge Preparation with Rotator
  • Bevel Cutting on Sheets, Pipes, Profiles, Beams, and Domes
  • Additional Beveling Process (ABP) for Subsequent Weld Edge Prep
Efficient and Advanced Control Systems:
  • Creation of Cutting Programs from Solid Models with MicroStep's 3D CAM Software mCAM
  • Precise Dome Processing with mScan Technology
  • Enhanced Production Range with Pipe and Profile Cutting Option
  • High Precision Reducing Post-processing Costs

Machine dedicated for special application especially for drilling of higher diameters, tapping and processing of domes.

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