Our range of battery-powered transfer carts offers unparalleled versatility, with a load capacity ranging from 5 to 250 tons. Whether working independently or synchronizing multiple vehicles, these carts provide seamless operation.

Operated via remote or autonomous control, these vehicles feature AC traction electric motors for efficient movement.

Our battery-powered transfer carts can be fitted with different wheel types—polyurethane, vulkollan or rubber, —suggested based on the customer's site floor conditions, advised by our experts.

Equipped with LED flashing lights and sound acoustic devices, these vehicles comply with various directives.


Capacity 5 tons to 250 tons Power Source Battery / Diesel
Speed Up to 30m/min Motors PMAC / AC High-Efficiency Motors
Steering Front Wheel Steering Loading Table On Request
Wheel Type Rubber / Polyurethane Security Laser and Ultrasonic Sensors, bumpers
Control Remote Control / Autonomous Dimensions On Request
Certification OHS Regulations
EN Standards
CE Certificated


  • Remote and Autonomous Control
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Anti-collision Safety System
  • Hydraulic Lifting Systems (Optional)
  • Rotating Systems (Optional)
  • Customized Top Platform Design for the Load
  • Wheel Options Suitable for Ground

from past to present, Coil Handling and Sheet Carriage Trolleys for Iron and Steel Industry and Steel Service Centers; Die Transfer Carts for Automotive, Logistics Industries; Concrete Traverse Transfer Trolleys and Concrete Piece Transfer Carts for Concrete Block Production Sector; Tanker Transport Vehicles, Wagon Transfer Trolleys for Logistics, Railway and Trailer Manufacturing Industries; Wind Turbine and Blade Transfer Carts for the Energy Sector; Transformer Transport Carts, Transformer Transfer Trolleys for Transformer Manufacturing Sector; FADA carries out various studies on Ship Parts Transfer Carts, Yacht and Ship Transport and Transfer Carts for the Shipyard Industry.

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