Technical Support

At Fadexim, alongside turnkey projects, we take confident strides toward being a long-term partner by providing post-sales support. Upholding customer satisfaction as our guiding principle, we offer comprehensive services to minimize potential industrial downtime.

We provide preventive maintenance services and regular maintenance contracts with expert teams to ensure our machines consistently operate at peak performance. This ensures maximum efficiency of your machinery while you focus on your production processes.

With advancements in technology, our Remote Assistance service enables real-time monitoring of your machinery and immediate issue identification, offering instant global support. This swift and cost-effective support minimizes downtime, enhancing productivity.

In instances where issues cannot be resolved remotely, our specialized support technicians and local partners swiftly resolve operational problems.

We ensure the uninterrupted operation of your business through spare parts supply throughout the lifespan of our machines. Even in cases where specific parts are not in stock, we offer suggestions to prevent potential delays and support our customers.

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